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Free Visual Processing Screenings

For a limited time with limited availability, we are offering free Visual Processing Screenings

Make this school year the start of your best academic and athletic years!  According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), up to 80% of a child's learning in school is through vision. 

With learning so depending on our visual processing system, it's no surprise that students can dramatically suffer in multiple subjects if even one of their many visual processing skills is deficient.  

Our "Back to School" free screening with screen for the vast majority of visual processing deficiencies and give you one-on-one time with Dr. Baker to discuss concerns you may have.

See Below: How just 7 months of bi-weekly vision therapy sessions helped our patient with her reading ability.



What is Included in the Screening:

  • RightEye Eye Tracking Evaluation

  • Screening with Dr. Baker screening the students:

    • Visual Acuity​

    • Phorias

    • Vergence Amplitudes

    • Vergence Facility

    • Near Point of Convergence

    • Accommodative Amplitude

    • Accommodative Facility

  • One on One time with Dr. Baker to discuss academic, athletic, and visual processing performance ​and concerns

Learn More about the RightEye Eye Tracker

Common symptoms of visual processing deficiencies:

  • poor reading comprehension

  • homework takes longer than it should

  • poor test performance

  • slow reading speed

  • poor penmanship

  • poor behavior and attitude towards school & home work 

  • struggling in Math & Science

  • difficulty in a sport

  • clumsy (knocks things over, bumps into things)

  • short attention span

  • seeing double

  • skipping lines

  • occasional blur

  • headaches

  • eye strain

  • having to reread material

If your child is struggling in school, make sure you have their most important skill, the processing of their vision, screened for one of many common deficiencies.

Availability is limited, so call our office at 424-407-3303 to schedule 

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